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Conscientious Well Plugging

Unplugged abandoned wells are safety, health, and environmental hazards.  If such wells exist on your property, trust Maurer & Parks Well Drilling Inc to completely plug the old well and eliminate every danger it presents.  We take also pride in leaving your yard in the best condition possible when the job is done.

Old wells that are not in can allow pollutants to enter aquifers and contaminate drinking water for you and your neighbors. For safety reasons, plug any well on this list...

What wells should you plug?

"Maurer & Parks Well Drilling Inc, Thank you so much for your prompt service. Scott did an awesome job! Thanks."

- Denise W.

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  • Any well that is no longer used

  • Open wells into which children or animals might fall

  • Wells in such poor condition that it's impractical to fix them

  • Any well that was partially drilled but never completed

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