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Water Faucet

Valid Reasons to Call for Water Supply Service

If you get your water from a personal well, you probably ignore it unless something goes wrong. Early detection and preventative maintenance can save you bigger repair bills later on.


  • Your water is suddenly discolored or has unusual smell

  • You notice specks or sand in the water

  • Your electricity bills have inexplicably spiked

  • Puddling near well head or water leaking into basement near water line

  • Pressure fluctuates when running your faucets

  • Faucets irregularly spurt air while running

  • Well cap loose or broken

  • Cracked well casing or wire guard

  • Pump is running when you aren't using water

  • Water tested positive for bacteria

  • Pressure tank and or fittings near it are leaking

  • Need water well quote

  • Well inspection

Signs that you should call us

Maurer & Parks Well Drilling Inc. has installed and serviced private water wells since 1930.  Trust us to keep your water flowing properly.

Water well diagnostics and repair

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"Ken and myself would like to say thank you for taking the time to repair our well! It is appreciated." - Jackie