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Reliable Pressure Tank Installations and Repairs

Are you tired of taking showers where the water comes out as a trickle?  Does it take forever for your washing machine or dishwasher to fill?  Do you notice your water pulsing?  Do you hear your pressure switch clicking on and off a lot while you're running water?  Are the plumbing fittings near your tank leaking?  If so, it may be time to service your pressure tank.  Our service crew  professionally installs tanks to meet today's health codes. We use all brass, stainless steel, and plastic fittings; no galvanized fittings that can deteriorate and burst.


Depending on your water use patterns, Maurer & Parks Well Drilling Inc can recommend a variety of tank sizes, makes,  and models, including fiberglass, steel, and hydro-pneumatic.

Extend the life of your water pump

A pressure tank has two major roles - it stores the water your appliances and fixtures will need, and by pressurizing it with stored air, it delivers the water with the force that you want.

Better storage means better delivery

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The storage means your well pump isn't always "on call," saving it considerable wear and tear.  The larger the storage capacity the less often the pump has to run to replentish the storage.